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Month:   August
State:   Iowa
Fertilizer:  Shur-Gro™ 0-1-7-6S and no extra nitrogen.
Comment:The farmer says he planted 120 acres of corn, all with the above blend.  Even with very little rain this corn is a deep green and most of the crop is 12 feet tall or taller.  They used a moldboard plow and planted late that year, after May 17th at a rate of 28,000 plants.

Note how well ears are filled out on August 13th.

In October, this same farmer harvested his 120 acres of corn.  Based on the combine monitor, the corn yielded 175 to 208 bushels per acre with an average yield of 186 bushels.  Note the heavy stalk growth.

Month: Early August
State: Wisconsin
Fertilizer: Custom blend of  Calphos™ and potash with application of liquid manure.
Comment: Note that there are no weeds!

Month: October
State: Minnesota
Fertilizer: Planted in June with Shur-Gro™ 0-1-7-6S at a rate of 200 lbs. per acre with the planter plus liquid cattle manure.
Yield:  The farmer reported in excess of 165 bushels per acre.
Comment: Note that the corn is fully matured on a green stalk even though they had a killing frost.  Combined with the following tillage practices, you can see the excellent results achieved without chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

1)   Moldboard in fall.
2)  Keep soil black with
     cultivator until fields
     freeze up.

3)  Cultivated corn 3 times.
     No herbicides and corn
     is clean.


Month:  May
The previous spring this 40-acre field was fertilized with 2-ton High-Calcium Lime per acre plus Calphos™ natural soft phosphate and Potash according to his soil test recommendations.  It was then newly seeded to alfalfa the following spring and was foliar fed with liquid seaweed (kelp).
Comment:When this picture was taken in May of the new seeding year, the alfalfa measured 24 inches tall and had just begun to bud; therefore, it would grow at least another 6 to 8 inches before cutting.  There were no broadleaf weeds or dandelions anywhere.

Month:  July
Broadcast Shur-Gro™ N.O. 0-1-15-8S-4Ca at 200 lbs. per acre.
This picture was taken after the 2nd cutting.  Note how solid the stem and leaves are from top to bottom.  The farmer reported at the end of the season that he had 4 cuttings on this field and averaged  a total of 7-ton per acre.


Month:  September
Broadcast Calphos™ natural soft phosphate at a rate of 450 lbs. per acre plus 200 lbs. 0-0-50-17S Sulfate of Potash per acre.
Comment:Farmer had already harvested 2 crops, and when this picture was taken, the alfalfa was again about 10 inches tall.

Month:  September
Dilution rate of 1 quart of SeaCrop 16™ per acre applied after the 2nd cutting. 
Comment: On this field of alfalfa the farmer reported thicker plot population and very fast stress recovery, even under dry conditions.  Note in this sided by side comparison the difference in height and fullness where the  SeaCrop 16™ was applied on the left and where it was not on the right.



Month: July
Fertilizer: Shur-Gro™ 0-1-23-10S-10Ca with added Calcium Sulfate at a rate of 200 lbs. per acre with the planter.

Month: July
Fertilizer: Shur-Gro™ 0-1-23-10S-10Ca.

Comment: This farmer used rye for weed control by tilling it in at the second joint stage.  Note how clean the soybeans are.

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Certified Organic

Custom Blended for the Certified Organic Farmer

For over 50 years SHUR-GRO™ has been a favorite brand of fertilizer for the grower who insists on top quality and demands results.

Blended with products listed in the USDA Organic Standards

With the continuing demand for organic food and grains, farmers need high quality agricultural products that will produce top quality produce without sacrificing nature’s balance.

In order to be successful in obtaining high yields, we recommend that growers start with a good comprehensive soil test with recommendations prepared by an experienced and qualified person.

Soil management is also very important to reduce soil erosion and achieve better weed control.  Therefore, crop rotation and contouring are encouraged along with the use of a rotary hoe, cultivator, etc. to reduce the need for herbicides.  Balancing soil nutrients has also been shown to help reduce weeds and insect problems.

Manure applications for nitrogen and organic matter have to be closely monitored for results and to avoid pollution problems.

SHUR-GRO™ can help you by offering products and services that have been proven to produce results.

All fertilizers offered by Canton Mills, Inc. are free flowing and spread easily with any standard fertilizer spreader.

The following products are on the approved/allowed lists, or are blended with ingredients that meet the approved criteria based on information supplied to Canton Mills, Inc. in the USDA National Organic Standards (NOS) as of January 2009 (7 CFR part 205).

       PLEASE NOTE:  Our blends do not qualify for the Japanese market
          (JAS Certification) due to the lignin sulfonate dust control spray
         used on the Calcium Sulfate and the 0-0-50-17S Sulfate of Potash.


Shur-Gro™  0-1-7-6S

0-1-7-6S N. O. Fertilizer Blend is our certified organic Corn Starter blend.

 Shur-Gro™  0-1-15-8S-4Ca

0-1-15-8S-4Ca N. O. Fertilizer Blend is our certified organic Alfalfa fertilizer blend.

 Shur-Gro™  0-1-23-10S-10Ca

0-1-23-10S-10Ca is our certified organic Soybean blend.

       The N.O. 0-1-7-6S and the N. O. 0-1-15-8S-4Ca blends does not contain nitrogen; however, Humates (Agro-Lig™)
will supply organic matter and carbon.  Since these blends do not contain soluble nitrogen you should look for
sources of nitrogen that are acceptable by your certification agency.

SHUR-GRO™ blended fertilizers are available in all natural/organic form in states which have recognized the lower analysis requirements for natural/organic certified growers.

Calphos™ 0-3-0  

Calphos™ natural Soft Rock Phosphate is mined in Florida and is a naturally occurring unacidulated soft  phosphate mineral with colloidal clay.


Granular or Standard Calphos™      

Humates (Agro-Lig™)

Humates (Agro-Lig™) is a dry ground formulation of Leonardite shale from mines in North Dakota.

For more information on Humates: Click here...Humates.pdf
52.8 KB

Sulfate of Potash 0-0-50-17S

Sulfate of Potash is of Utah origin with high K2O content and very low chloride and salt contents.

 For more information on S.O.P.: Click here...SULFATE_OF_POTASH.pdf
73.1 KB

Calcium Sulfate 

Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) is a natural mined mineral that is available in Pelleted form.

For more information on Calcium Sulfate: Click here...CALCIUM_SULFATE_2.pdf
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SeaCrop 16™

SeaCrop 16™ is a liquid plant growth regulator which is an extract from the seaplant Ascophyllum Nodosom and is harvested for costal Maine waters.

For more information on SeaCrop 16™: Click here...SEACROP16_revised.pdf
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Tidal Organics™ Kelp Meal

Tidal Organics™ Kelp Meal is an Ascophyllum Nodosum seaplant harvested along the cold clean shores of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Shur-Guard™ Diatomaceous Earth

Shur-Guard™ Diatomaceous Earth (Fossil Shell Flour) is a fresh water type natural mineral primarily composed of Amorphos Silica.