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Tidal Organics™ Kelp Meal Analysis Report:
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Diatomaceous Earth
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Diatomaceous Earth: The "Silver Bullet":
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Kelp & DE


Tidal Organics, Inc. is a Nova Scotia based harvester, processor and marketer of high quality Kelp Meal (Ascophyllum nodosum).  This kelp is harvested along the cold clean shores of Nova Scotia, Canada and marketed throughout the world.

Tidal Organics, Inc. is a family owned company with combined involvement in the Nova Scotia seafood industry for over 200 years.  their commitment is to always offer their customers competitive pricing while maintaining excellence in quality and service. 

Tidal Organics™ kelp meal is processed within 24 hours of harvest.  This is necessary to maintain the highest possible vitamin and amino acid profile.  Traditional manufacturers dry by spreading the kelp on the ground.  This is subject to weather delays and possible contamination.  Tidal Organics™ mechanical drying process provides consistency day after day.  The final product is available in a dry granular form and is easily added to pre-mixes or used as a top dressing for livestock feeding and as a fertilizer.


Today many farmers have concluded that the use of an N-P-K chemical plant food program has resulted in nutritional deficiencies for their livestock.  The addittion of kelp meal to the livestock ration has completed the missing components in the feed supply, resulting in healthier more productive animals.

Kelp meal has been used for centuries as a natural feed additive. It contains in excess of 60 minerals, more than 12 vitamins and all essential amino acids.

These calves were fed Kelp Meal and DE (Diatomaceous Earth). 
Note how clean the calves are and NO SCOURS!

For More Information on Kelp Meal as a Feed Additive:

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                                                                                                                                                     Kelp Meal is available in #14 Mesh size.


Tidal Organics, Inc. is a Modern intensive farming practices have resulted in agricultural soils with poor physical structure and trace element deficiencies.  These problems reduce the productivity of farm land and the nutritional value of the crops grown on them.  Both plants and animals have finely balanced needs for trace elements; too little produces deficiency symptoms, too much may be poisonous.  The possible toxic effects of over applied trace elements can be avoided by using kelp meal as a source because it provides elements in a natural chelated form.  Under certain agricultural conditions, kelp meal enhances the germination of seeds, increases the uptake of nutrients, imparts a degree of frost resistance and inhibits the attack of plants by pathogenic fungi, predatory insects and soil nematodes.  Kelp meal also improves soil structure and increases soil water holding capacity thus giving plants added protection in times of drought.

For More Information on Kelp Meal as a Soil Additive/Fertilizer:
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SHUR-GUARD™ DIATOMACEOUS EARTH                   Fresh Water Type - Animal Feed Grade
               (Fossil Shell Flour)

Diatomite (Di-A-Toe-Mite) is a natural occurring siliceous sedimentary mineral compound from the skeletal remains of unicellular algae-like plants called diatoms.  These plants have been part of the earth's ecology since pre-historic times.  Diatoms are basic to the oceanic cycle, and the food for minute animal like which in turn becomes the food for higher forms of marine life.  As living plants, diatoms weave microscopic shells for the silica they extract from the water, then as they die, deposits are formed and then fossilized in what are now dried lakes and ocean beds.  This material is then mined, ground and screened for the countless uses in today's products and processes, from toothpaste to cigars, plastics to paprika, filter media in swimming pools to home fish tanks, as well as, insect and parasite control in animals and grains.  We register and sell this product as an inert feed ingredient for animal food.

Natural Grade SHUR-GUARD ™ Diatomaceous Earth is a natural (not calcined or flux calcined) mineral compound primarily composed of amorphos silica (85%) with some other trace elements.

For More Information on the Uses For DE (Diatomaceous Earth):
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For More Information on DE (Diatomaceous Earth) For Animal Feed:
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